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  • 英語口語——017shopping購物






    017 shopping

    Supermarket department store corner shop mon‘n’pop shop
    Credit card cash customer selection good purchase discount bargain shelves
    Clerk special offer two-for-one window shopping pharmacy grocer’s butcher’s online shopping
    Catalogue shop assistant cash desk
    Try on clothes
    Pay in cash
    Bargain over prices
    Pay by credit card
    Hunt for a bargain
    Shop online
    Find the right size
    Use a coupon

    A: are you ready to go shopping?
    B: just a minute. I need to make a list of thinks that we need.
    A: good idea. Have you written down potatoes, carrots, and onions?
    B: I don’t have onions on my list. I’ll add them. We should get some tea. Is green tea ok or should we get the same tea that we usually get?
    A: let’s get both. We need some coffee too. Is that on your list?
    B: yes, it is. Here’s my list. Is there anything that I’ve forgotten?
    A: I think you’ve got everything. I want to got some chocolate and some cheese.
    B: what kind of cheese do you want.
    A: I’m not sure. I’ll decide at the cheese counter, when I can see what they have. Have we got enough money?
    B: we don’t have enough cash, so I’ll take my credit card and we can pay with that. Where are the car keys?
    A: I’ve got them there. Shall I drive?

    A: do you do a lot of shopping online?
    B: not really. I like looking on the internet at what’s available, but I usually prefer to actually see and touch what I’m buying before I pay for it. Sometimes, I’ll look at something in a shop, but later buy it online if it’s cheaper. You don’t like buying things online, do you?
    A: yes. I’m a little worried about security. You never who’s trying to find out your codes and passwords. Aren’t you worry about that?
    B: not really. I know that it happens, but if you buy from reputable companies with secure websites, you should be ok. Even thought I use online shopping facilities, I don’t think it’s the best way to shop.
    A: I’m surprised to hear you say that. I thought you loved anything technological.
    B: I do. I’m a big fan of using new technology, but I don’t want to sit in front of a computer screen all day. I think people need to get out and interact with other people.
    A: so, how about coming to the department store with me? I want to see if there are any new summer clothes on sale yet.
    B: sure. I’d love to join you. Can we stop by the computer store? I just want to see if they have something.
    A: sure. While you’re in the computer store. I will visit the book store opposite. I like to browse through their books if they have anything interesting.
    B: ok. I’ve finished online. Let’s go. I’ll just get some money and my credit card.
    A; thanks for reminding me. I had forgotten to get mine.


    英語口語——017shopping購物 国产黄片自拍
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